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By leveraging our deep energy industry experience and patented real-time monitoring and analytics software, RTIS®, NXEGEN develops and implements tailored energy management strategies for commercial, industrial, institutional and utility customers that reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency and satisfy sustainability requirements.

Control Your Costs

Energy costs are one of your largest operating expenses, but how do you go about creating an energy conservation strategy that best fits the characteristics of your buildings and business needs?  


Reviewing last month's utility bill is like looking into the rear-view mirror to navigate traffic in front of you.  Without a deep understanding of how, when and at what cost you use energy, significant opportunities to reduce costs will be missed.


How are your business operations integrated with your energy costs and which solutions can improve both?  What utility and tax incentives can you qualify for to help finance these solutions?


Are your buildings more or less sustainable than your competitors? How are you performing against your regulatory mandates and sustainability goals?

Let Us Help You

  • For over 15 years, we have leveraged our deep domain expertise and understanding of energy cost drivers to help over 1,000 customers like you
  • Learn about RTIS®, our real-time monitoring and analytics platform that enables you to dynamically manage your energy costs and uncover hidden cost savings opportunities
  • Explore comprehensive solutions to address the needs of your complex business operations
  • We have deep-seated relationships with many utilities and can help you better understand the various incentive and financing programs for which you may qualify 
  • NXEGEN also uses RTIS® monitoring and analytics to inform, enhance and tailor energy efficiency and operational consulting services and strategies for commercial, industrial and institutional customers of all sizes 

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